12 Months Virus Protection

12 Months Virus Protection

You may not be protected as well as you think, with many security packages today not offering everything they claim. Perhaps your current security suite is expired? Get the best on the market today hand picked by the experienced MYTECH Mobile team!

We install the latest & greatest in protection for your computer keeping you safe from malicious software and viruses. Only $40 with any callout.

If your current security is not truly protecting you or you are looking to get a new security suite as your current one has run out, look no further. Get the best on the market hand picked by the experienced MYTECH Mobile team!

We install the latest & greatest in protection for your computer: Trend Micro Internet Security. This full security suite protects your computer from malicious software and viruses & more. It also works on the cloud meaning you do not suffer performance decrease on your computer like with many other security suites. At only $40 with any callout or $55 delivered and installed, that’s a bargain!

Lessons & Tutorials

Lessons & Tutorials

Need a little help using your computer? What if we could help make you and expert like us by showing you what to do in your everyday computing experience. Let us show you how today!

Lessons are normally $80 per hour , however if you book two or more lessons in advance, we will reduce lessons to only $60 each. You can organize your lessons however you wish, if you want two lessons a week, or four a month, we’re happy to acommodate.

We offer lessons on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac, Office Suites, E-mails, Computer Maintenance, How to backup you private data & more! We also provide you a personal computer book to write down everything so you always have access to what you learn with us.

If you feel like you need an hour long crash course on Microsoft Word then that’s fine. Then we can leave you with your new knowledge and come back when you’re ready to advance your learning further.

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