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“We’re like a breath of fresh air that comes & solves all your technical problems in a breeze, leaving you with a headache free computer, oh what an experience!”

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If we can not repair or solve your problem, there is no charge.

Low Prices  ·  No Call Out Fees  ·  No Hidden Costs  ·  Available 7 Days

We come to you in the privacy of your Home or Business at a time of your convenience to solve any Computer, Laptop or Phone Issues once & for all.

Below is a price guide, however as every problem is unique, use this as a rough guide only until you speak with a Technician.

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Quick Callout

Allows us half an hour to diagnose and repair any issues on your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Phone or Device.

  • Quotes
  • Repairs
  • Part Upgrades
  • Tweaks + Updates
  • Malware + Virus Discovery
  • System Checkups + Cleanups

Complete Computer Tune Up

MYTECH Mobile have mastered the art of reviving computers & improving performance.

With our specialised techniques & software we perform our Complete Computer Tune Up, increasing the speed & performance of your computer, restoring your computer to its former glory!

BONUS: Complete Computer Tune Up Included FREE!

Full Callout

Allows us an hour to work on any problems on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Device.

  • We can solve any & all problems you are having
  • We can answer questions you have about anything
  • We can explain what we are doing as we work
  • We can write down anything we have taught you
  • We Speak in terms you understand, not computer jargon

BONUS: Complete Computer Tune Up Included FREE!

We Go The Extra Mile

  • We’ll solve the computer problems once and for all
  • After 1 hour on site it’s $40 per extra half hour

Workshop Repairs

When extra time is required to repair a computer, it can often be more affordable to complete the repairs in our workshop with flat rates on all workshop repairs.

*See Workshop Repairs below

Workshop Repair

We suggest a Workshop Repair when solving the problem is going to take some time & the repair work needs to be completed at our workshop.

  • Malware and Virus removal
  • Major Windows Repairs
  • Cloning Damaged Hard Drives
  • File & Data Recovery
  • System Upgrades
  • & Much Much More!

We Keep in Touch

  • We’ll keep you up to date with our progress
  • We organise a drop off time that suits your schedule
  • We return your Computer or Laptop to you FREE!

No matter how long repairs take to complete, you save money with flat rates on Workshop Repairs.

Advanced Workshop Repair

The Advanced Workshop Repair allows us to repair the most difficult computer problems.. think of a complete computer ovehaul – MYTECH Style.

  • Windows or Mac Backup & Reload
  • Quality Overhaul Restoring Performance
  • Advanced System Repairs & Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Recovery & Replacements
  • Premium Clean + Tune Up Included

Windows Backup & Reload

When nothing else works we have a solution that gets any computer back up and running again. We can perform our MYTECH Backup & Reload Service.

Once we’ve performed this service, it would be safe to say your computer will be running like new again with all of your valuable data safe and sound.

MYTECH Mobile pride ourselves on Excellent Value & our Premium Quality Services. For this reason we have included the MYTECH Mobile FULL Physical Clean FREE with the Advanced Workshop Repair.

MYTECH Mobile FULL Physical Clean

MYTECH Mobile Full Physical Clean is a unique service whereby we use our specialized cleaning techniques to restore the performance of your computer or laptop.

Computer fans suck in a lot of air & dust! This dust causes excessive heat damaging computer components. Extend the life of your computer with a complete clean.

We treat the heat with our MYTECH Mobile Dust & Air Pressure Clean Technique which increases your computers’ performance & restores its former glory!

  • The MYTECH Mobile FULL Physical Clean is only  $40 with the Workshop Repair.
  • The MYTECH Mobile FULL Physical Clean is included  FREE with the Advanced Workshop Repair.

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